Thank you for visiting our booth at CVC Kansas City 2017

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our clients and business partners for visiting our booth at CVC Kansas City 2017, from August 25 to 28. It was a fine opportunity to present our featured products. We appreciate your interest in our products and look forward to seeing you in the near future.


MyVet i72 table system

SID digital radiography system can improve diagnostic image quality by reducing the geometric image distortion effects of penumbra and magnification typically associated with fixed 40” SID X-ray systems.

Animal comfort paramount to you as well. The i72 horizontal beam imaging capability facilitates obtaining critical diagnostic images in a more comfortable upright position especially during emergent care for animals in respiratory distress. Less stress for the animal as well as for you and your staff when they are able to stand for an X-ray with the i72 upright detector holder.


E-Cube i7 Portable Ultrasound

The E-CUBE i7 Veterinary ultrasound system is a cart-based system which has a powerful and qualified system architecture and user-optimized ergonomic design with a sliding keyboard cover. It delivers remarkably excellent imaging performance from routine examinations to complex cardiac examinations at a veterinarian’s office.


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