VDF 2018. Veterinary Dental Forum, MyVet Booth#107

MyVet Imaging, Inc. will display its EzDent HD Vet intraoral sensors, EzRay Vet™ Cart digital x-ray system incorporating CNT tube technology and complete line of dental imaging components at the 2018 Veterinary Dental Forum (VDF), Booth# 107 in Phoenix, Arizona November 15-18.

Managing delays or complications associated with dental digital imaging technical factors that increase procedure risks often contribute towards a pet owner’s less-than-positive perception about the quality of the dental services veterinary practices provide.

Powered by MyVet Dent image acquisition software, high resolution CMOS EzDent HD intraoral sensors with a contoured edge design in a highly durable case promote easier positioning with faster recovery times by minimizing oral cavity soft tissue trauma due to sensor positioning.MyVet Dental software

High resolution CMOS technology provides maximum diagnostic content that aid veterinarians in planning and providing pet dental treatments


The EzRay Vet™ Cart features include a lightweight x-ray tube head incorporating Carbon Nanotube (CNT) technology for delay-free imaging An advanced gyroscopic exposure control component automatically adjusts exposure settings whenever the tube head is angled providing a more uniform grey-scale for consistent anatomy visualization.

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