MyVet Imaging provides radiographic and ultrasound equipment for use on popular veterinary show in upcoming Nat Geo WILD™ season.

MyVet Imaging, a division of Rayence USA, will provide popular TV veterinarian, Dr. Michelle Oakley, of Dr. Oakley, Yukon VetTM fame with Rayence DR flat panel detector equipment and other imaging radiographic accessories for use while filming her exploits in her small Haines Junction, Yukon animal clinic where Dr. Oakley lives with her husband and three daughters as well as for her fieldwork in the Yukon wild.

Dr. Oakley visited Myvet booth at WVC 2017
Dr. Oakley visited Myvet booth at WVC 2017

The show, in its fourth season, first aired April 4, 2014 on Nat Geo WILD™ and features Dr. Oakley treating domestic pets and farm animals as well as endangered wildlife in one of the most rugged environments on Earth. In fact, in addition to running her small clinic in Haines Junction, Dr. Oakley is the only veterinarian treating many kinds of animals for hundreds of square miles in the Yukon as well as managing vet facilities in Whitehorse, Yukon’s capital and in Haines, Alaska. According to NatGeo WILD™, she also works as on-call vet for the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

MyVet Imaging, the veterinary division of Rayence, Inc., includes in its vet product portfolio DR flat panel detectors, veterinary imaging software, digital radiographic X-ray systems, portable x-ray devices, dental intraoral sensors, wall-mounted dental X-ray tubes and ultrasound systems as well as secure offsite image storage and cloud services.

“It’s a marvelous marketing opportunity for MyVet Imaging to partner with Dr. Michelle Oakley”, offered Bill Nicholas, Rayence Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications”. “The Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet&tm; show is one of Nat Geo WILD’s popular wildlife programs right up there with The Incredible Dr. Pol™ and Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER™”, he added.