Maximize Your Equine Treatment

Maximize your equine farm call treatments with diagnoses obtained with a portable imaging lab

Whether visiting a farm or other equine facility to examine bone or soft tissue abnormalities or even perform a complete post-float periodontics examination, the new portable Citation digital imaging system provides practitioners with the necessary modalities to acquire the best possible clinical results for diagnosis and treatment.

Contained in a lightweight, sturdy case for easy transportation, the new Citation configuration includes a 10 inch by 12 inch flat panel DR detector and a tablet PC with detachable keyboard. An optional 4 inch by 6 inch equine intraoral high resolution CMOS sensor and linear ultrasound transducer with a simple USB connector round out the product offering.

To provide maximum image display, the tablet PC is configured with a proprietary, equine-specific image processing algorithm for both the CMOS sensor and DR flat panel detector that includes contrast-enhancing Rayence® GridOn™ processing that emulates conventional X-ray grid contrast improvement.

The tablet also supports dedicated ultrasound software that places all the essential imaging tools an equine practitioner needs right in their hands as they travel site to site, diagnosing and treating horses.

MyVet Imaging is displaying this new equine digital imaging system at Booth #42 during the 2018 NEAEP Convention in Saratoga Springs, New York.