EzRay Premium Vet | Wall Mount X-Ray

Veterinary Intraoral X-Ray Imaging System

Make your practice extraordinary

The ergonomically designed x-ray tube head can be positioned at any anatomical imaging position. In addition, the strong and stable arm produces distortion-free images and allows simple positioning.

  • High contrast and super clear image
  • Easy move and anti-drift arms
  • Detachable tube head
  • Lightweight tube head
  • Easy grip with ergonomic handle



  • Focal spot: 0.4mm
  • Tube Voltage: Selectable 60-70kV
  • Current: 4-7mA
  • Exposure Time:  Selectable 0.04-2.0sec
  • Arm length(options): 62″/68″/80″
  • Weight: 56.9lb, 58.0lb, 61.1lb
  • Line Voltage: 100-230V ± 10%