Intraoral Imaging System

The Intraoral imaging system is the ideal veterinary digital imaging solution. It delivers superior diagnostic images essential for successful diagnosis and endodontic treatment. Featuring unparalleled durability, image quality and easy to use EzSensor software, increased workflow efficiency and diagnostic accuracy are achieved at a low cost of ownership.

Parameter Description
Dectector Structure Low Noise Hybrid CMOS
Dimensions (W x L x T) EzSensor 2.0 (1.24 x 1.69 x 0.19 inch)
Pixel Pitch 0.020mm
Theoretical Resolution 25 lp/mm
Active Pixel Array 744 x 1,030 pixels (26.04 x 36.05mm)
Dynamic Range 4,096
Signal to Noise Ratio >37dB
Interface Direct USB
Cable Length 3 Meters (9.8 Feet)
* Specifications subject to change without prior notice *
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EzDent Vet Software

MyVet user-friendly dental software quickly acquires, processes, and manages high quality, diagnostic images. Real-time digital imaging drastically shortens treatment time by eliminating the need to process and develop film.

  • DICOM-compliant system
  • Easy integration into the existing clinical network
  • Real-time viewing of high quality images
  • Fully integrated solution