Rayence Inc. is a company Specializing in veterinary digital x-ray imaging solutions.
We are a global digital x-ray imaging component and solutions provider with a full lineup of veterinary x-ray detector products.

Our Products | Digital X-Ray Technology

MyVet Imaging aims to make a better future for our customers through continuous innovation through creation of new technology focused on safety and efficiency.

DR Flat Panel Detectors

Rayence manufactures TFT-based digital x-ray detectors for veterinary imaging applications, providing high resolution and high grey scale images.

Vet Table System

The MyVet x-ray table is a cost-effective, workflow-efficient approach to veterinary digital x-ray imaging for your practice.

Intraoral Sensor

The MyVet intraoral sensor is the ideal veterinary dental digital imaging solution. It delivers superior diagnostic images essential for successful diagnosis, implant surgery, and endodontic treatment.

Acquisition Software

MyVet image acquisition software delivers advanced processing that seamlessly integrates into any clinical workflow. The software captures, processes, presents, and distributes high quality animal images.

Detector Production

As a manufacturer, Rayence processes can satisfy a wide variety of customer detector needs. Strict cleanroom standards are maintained between ISO 3 to ISO 4 (Class 1 to Class 10).

Quality Process Systems

Rayence manufacturing and quality processes provide customers with superior product performance.

Recent Manufacturing Updates

New laminating and printing processes were recently installed at the vacuum coupling facility that greatly improved productivity.